Video: Megyn Kelly’s Softball Interview of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

“None of them were aware of Josh’s wrongdoings”
568Eventual Carrion
6/04/15 10:38:52 am
re: #517 Targetpractice Refugees from M. Night Shyamalan's The Village. Jim Boob and his ilk were even too crazy for them.

Maybe the most horrible thing about this horrible interview: they claim the girls molested by Josh Duggar “didn’t know that anything happened.”

Ted Cruz Mocks Joe Biden the Day Before Beau Biden’s Funeral

This is who they are
143Saint Stephen
6/04/15 2:07:45 pm
"Senator Ted Cruz," I say to faint laughter. "You know the nice thing? You don't need a punch line." Besides the obvious bad taste, why is he campaigning by making fun of the current VP, who in all probability will ...

The Josh Duggar Scandal Gets Worse; One of His Victims Was a 5-Year Old Girl

Fundamentalist family values
6/03/15 11:50:51 pm
re: #99 HappyWarrior Oh yeah, they felt like such failures at parenting that they decided to participate in a television series showcasing their "wholesome" family and celebrating their "virtuous, "Godly" lifestyle. What fucking HYPOCRITES!!!! That's what really kills me. Sure, ...

Alex Jones: Obama Is Using Caitlyn Jenner to Distract From His Plan to Cause Civil War

149The Major
6/03/15 3:47:32 pm
Notice that Alex had Anthony Cumia on. For those who don't know/remember, Cumia was summarily fired from Sirius XM from the Opie and Anthony show for his incredibly threatening and balls out racist Twitter rant.