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Overnight Podcast: The Bob and Chez Show, 6/18/15

Plumbing the bad craziness in the Dylann Roof story
253SteveMcGriftFlynnComey... ...corruptemoligate RN
6/21/15 12:47:01 pm
re: #232 Eclectic Cyborg Are you kidding? I bet you he's thrilled to have his picture taken there.

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Dylann Storm Roof’s Website Discovered, With White Supremacist Manifesto and Photos

A neo-Confederate white supremacist inspired by the Council of Conservative Citizens
6/20/15 7:52:35 pm
re: #456 Dark_Falcon Yeah and I'm sure he's ashamed of all the speaking fees he gets at conservative organizations which made his work sacrosanct in their respective socio-political and socio-economic dogma.