Council of Conservative Citizens: Dylann Roof Had “Legitimate Grievances”

They can’t help revealing how deranged they are
6/22/15 12:50:15 pm
re: #604 The Vicious Babushka Do people refer to his kind as a "House Gay"?

Tonight the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens is trying to spin away the fact that Dylann Storm Roof was inspired by their vile hate speech, by sending their spokesman Jared Taylor out to tell the media Roof had “legitimate grievances” about “black on white crime.” And they take …

Council of Conservative Citizens Website Back Online, but Spokesman Kyle Rogers Is Still Off Twitter

Unfortunately, the website’s disappearance was just temporary
6/21/15 7:10:47 pm
re: #301 Lidane Again wingnuts Popes have been speaking out about this shit for years. You're as guilty as the "Cafeteria Catholics" you derided for being pro-choice, pro-gay rights. He never said people shouldn't be able to defend themselves but ...