Overnight Podcast: Marc Maron Interviews President Barack Obama

Everything he does drives the right crazier
6/23/15 11:03:41 am
re: #430 freetoken My wife is in mourning. She lover flamingoes.

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For your overnight listening enjoyment, here’s Marc Maron’s interview with President Barack Obama, in which Obama uttered the dreaded N-word to make a point about racism, and prompted Fox News to launch into paroxysms of fake outrage that are still going on tonight: WTF With Marc Maron Podcast - …

150 Years After the Civil War, South Carolina Finally Surrenders

Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham call for removal of Confederate flag from SC Capitol
6/22/15 8:47:02 pm
re: #325 Shiplord Kirel It's unsurprising, really, that so many straight white people would object to a primarily gay and/or black style of music.

Chuck C. Johnson’s Suit Against Gawker Has Really Been Filed

The nutty hack-fraud is going through with it
6/22/15 4:12:45 pm
Most countries have had at least one civil war, but they're not proud of it. They may have statues in a park or something, but today you never see, for instance, bumper stickers in England that say, "I'm a Cavalier, ...