George Takei Apologizes for Calling Clarence Thomas a “Clown in Blackface” (But Not for Criticizing Him)

A classy statement
281The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
7/03/15 9:16:27 pm
re: #265 Bird in the Paw Centipedes are a freakshow anyway. With all those identical segments just like an annelid worm, coupled with the front six being fused into a perfect arthropod head, if they were extinct and you found ...

Breitbart “News” Hack John Nolte Invents “Gag Order” Fake Outrage About Anti-Gay Oregon Bakery

Dangerously deranged
7/03/15 2:57:49 pm
re: #77 CleverToad Even deader thread. In Ohio, Big Bear was a local chain that was in business for about 60 years before it got swallowed by Penn Traffic, which ran it into the ground in about 3 years. So ...