Saturday Jam: Drew Ofthe Drew, “Cry, Die, Fly”

Dig the banjo part
433Pineapple Pizzagate
7/12/15 4:20:26 pm
The Greek people voted to say "no" to Germany, so the Chancellor had to punish them by wrecking their economy. That was 1942. The more things change...

Here’s an amazing young band with a very different sound, creative instrumentation and great songwriting. Just stumbled across these guys on YouTube and immediately subscribed to their channel.

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Podcast o’ the Day: The Bob and Chez Show, 7/9/15

In which Ted Nugent doesn’t surprise anyone
7/11/15 1:24:56 pm
re: #27 Eclectic Cyborg Yeah, I believe the graphic onscreen was that her tennis winnings total $38.5 million to date (not including endorsement deals etc.), so she'd be right up there in their cherished air of financial success!