Image of the Week: A Global Mosaic of Pluto in True Color

To the moon, Alice
7/25/15 11:52:29 am
re: #276 HappyWarrior Brought here by that Obammy guy dont'cha' knows. Came with him from Ken-Yah by way of Iran for nukes. I know...Bill down at the bar was talkin' 'bout it the other night. /

The colors in this image of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft aren’t simulated or enhanced; they’re the real deal. Very close to what a human eye would see if that person was flying past Pluto at 36,000 miles per hour. They were captured by Ball Aerospace’s Ralph instrument, …

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Debunking Another Right Wing Talking Point: Is the Lafayette Movie Theater Really an Official “Gun-Free Zone?”

Of course not
7/25/15 9:14:16 pm
re: #320 The Mulai OK, maybe an increased budget won't solve the problem. Do you have a counterproposal? Because the US has the highest rate of gun violence in the developed far. I'm fairly sure that Bernie Sanders (despite ...

Gateway Pundit Says Lafayette Shooter Was “Obama Supporter” (Because He Wanted Obama to Wreck the US)

The dumbest right wing post on Lafayette, as usual, comes from Gateway Pundit
229Feline Fearless Leader
7/25/15 7:18:07 pm
re: #155 Varek Raith What are the open carry rules for those where you live as compared to a gun?