Donald Trump Threatens to Physically Fight “Black Lives Matter” Protesters

He’s gonna punch out any black women who try to grab the mic from him
663The Major
8/12/15 4:11:42 pm
re: #631 Lidane It's pretty sad (or maybe hopeful) when his son makes more sense than he does.

The most memorable moment from Donald Trump’s short press conference: he said Bernie Sanders was “weak” when he allowed #BlackLivesMatter protesters to take the microphone at his rally… and actually threatened to physically fight them if they tried to do the same thing to him. The exact quote: “I …

Ted Cruz Appears With Anti-Gay Hate Group American Family Association, Openly Advocates Theocracy

The GOP is now the Theocratic Party
8/11/15 5:35:02 pm
Notice that Cruz refers to non-evangelicals as "unbelievers," as if they didn't believe in God at all. He sees himself as the leader by divine right of a fundamentalist fiefdom. Other people aren't even fully people to him.

Oath Keepers Militia Carrying Assault Rifles in the Streets of Ferguson

At the behest of conspiracy peddler Alex Jones
449Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
8/11/15 2:02:00 pm
re: #246 HappyWarrior They open carry..without ammo. Those girls are taking their guns to a shooting match empty. Which means they will be unable to use them to defend themselves against a rapist...