Gawker Fires Back at Chuck C. Johnson, Moves to Dismiss, Files Anti-SLAPP, Asks for Legal Fees

“This case is a transparent attempt to punish embarrassing - but fully legal - reporting”
577Pawn of the Oppressor
8/25/15 4:09:34 pm
Oh, even better. After several pages of citations and legal explanations, the Conclusion is like a shiny little bow: It's so beautiful... *sniff* HAHAHAHAHAHAAH

Gawker’s top-flight law firms fired back today at cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson’s absurdly frivolous defamation lawsuit, filing an anti-SLAPP motion (SLAPP = Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) and a motion to dismiss the case entirely, and seeking to recover legal fees and court costs. (Thanks to @adamsteinbaugh for bringing …