At Breitbart “News,” a Horrifying Deluge of Hatred and Bigotry

“Go back home to Mexico”
8/26/15 10:50:55 am
re: #387 KiTA Your apology rings hollow. You're not worthy of LGF.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the Breitbart “News” comment section for years, and it’s never been worse than it is tonight. When Donald Trump had his bodyguards eject Univision reporter Jorge Ramos from his press conference, Breitbart commenters launched into a nauseating orgy of anti-Hispanic bigotry like nothing I’ve …

The Trump Campaign in a Nutshell: Kicks Out Mexican-American Reporter, Says “Go Back to Univision”

Right wing blogs cheer wildly
8/26/15 8:35:52 pm
re: #419 Agnostick Sorry to hear your delicate sense of decorum was disrupted by hearing one man speak out of turn. Hopefully your fainting couch was nearby. As for the sports press conference analogy, it's worthless. When athletes and coaches ...