Podcast o’ the Evening: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 8/25/15, Featuring Yours Truly

Dishing on my heinous doppelganger
566Feline Fearless Leader
8/27/15 5:02:30 pm
re: #530 Eclectic Cyborg Trump is a Jedi Mind Trick gone hideously wrong. "These aren't the candidates you're looking for. I am!"

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Tonight’s episode of the Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show features Charles Johnson (i.e., me) talking about Chuck Johnson (my heinous doppelganger) and his doomed lawsuit against Gawker.

Donald Trump Says He’ll Repudiate David Duke “If It Would Make You Feel Better”

Then says he doesn’t even know who David Duke is
8/27/15 6:43:24 am
He always says he doesn't know someone when it's not convenient for him yet displays stunning knowledge of something about the person, i.e., Jorge Ramos. Don't know the guy but go back to Univision. Maybe someday the press will get ...

Disgruntled Employee Shoots Reporter and Cameraman; Breitbart “News” Instantly Labels It a “Race Murder”

8/26/15 7:07:13 pm
re: #1 Fourth Football of the Apocalypse Funny, I don't see "conservatives" looking at his family background to see how light skinned he is makes him not black?