Friday Night Shred: The Winery Dogs, “Oblivion”

Redefining the power trio
369retired cynic
10/10/15 1:06:33 pm
re: #361 HappyWarrior Don't leave it till the next administration. It needs care, but it needs a solution.

The new album from The Winery Dogs is titled Hot Streak, and it’s a virtuoso tour de force, highly recommended if you like your metal with a hefty portion of melody. Richie Kotzen continues to amaze me by playing this intense high-speed style without a pick.

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Special Ben Carson edition
155Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
10/09/15 12:51:01 pm
re: #16 Eclectic Cyborg Could be. I think he has decided to throw down the gauntlet and settle it once and for all. He has the support of the military, most (though not all) of law enforcement, and an actual ...