Chuck Johnson’s Lawyer Responds to Gawker’s Lawyers: Please Have Pity on Me, Judge

Won’t you have pity on a poor solitary country lawyer?
10/15/15 9:29:21 am
The little chickenshit is giving ted cruz a run for "most punchable face"

Chuck Johnson’s lawyer responds to the Gawker legal team’s scathing answer to his third request for more time, by accusing them of floating “conspiracy theories,” complaining that he’s “reached physical exhaustion,” and pleading with the judge to have mercy because he’s just one guy helped out by one intern. …

Christopher Halloran /

Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert Team Up to Form Juggernaut of Pure Idiocy

Attacking Planned Parenthood whichever way they can
10/13/15 6:07:40 pm
re: #219 klys (maker of Silmarils) re: #218 Decatur Deb Okay, when I win the lottery, I have to check out CanadaRail. My mom loves trains and has wanted to do Western Canada for decades. Can't afford it, but man ...

Chuck C. Johnson Misses Gawker Suit Deadline, Gets Suspended from Facebook

Not a good day for Chuck
374Pawn of the Oppressor
10/13/15 6:55:55 pm
I wonder if we'll see legislation named for Chucksie. Somebody's going to get finally fed up with these doxing, instigating, utterly self-absorbed Millennial Shithead Professional Trolls and find a way to make their particular form of harassment into an actual ...