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Tech Note: New Feature! Embedded Facebook Posts in LGF Comments

We’ve been Zuckerbergerized
423Feline Fearless Leader
12/06/15 11:58:51 am
re: #420 thedopefishlives He can probably get a deal on Muslim prayer carpets made in Mexico.

Today I’m happy to announce a new feature that took a while to get working: you can now embed Facebook posts from any publicly viewable page in an LGF comment. (The reason this took a while is because Facebook’s API is a confusingly inconsistent hot mess, but that’s another …

New York Times Front Page Editorial: End the Gun Epidemic in America

The United States is not trying
12/06/15 5:41:28 am
re: #396 meteor What we have is sociopatholical behavior as being realized as a cultural and ideological advantage by our right wing. It is also meant to be implemented as American domestic and foreign policy. It is how they now ...