Breitbart “News” Reacts to Arabic Calligraphy Lesson With Horrifying Deluge of Hate Speech

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12/19/15 2:35:34 pm
re: #15 b_sharp Did you catch the Terry Pratchett cameo? Wish he was still here writing.

A horrible story from Virginia shows how many noxious bigots have been incited by right wing anti-Muslim propaganda, as schools in central Virginia have been forced to close after a deluge of threats and hatred prompted by a geography lesson in Arabic calligraphy. Apparently these people are scared that …

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Accusations Fly Over Democratic Database Breach

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12/19/15 7:43:34 am
re: #5 Charles Johnson They're too busy flooding the internet with a bunch of alts acting outraged that the DNC and Hillary are conspiring to destroy Bernie and they will boycott every election if Bernie loses the primaries.