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The Top 10 LGF Articles of 2015

401Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
1/02/16 12:02:02 pm
re: #327 jaunte

1With more pageviews and social media shares than any other article this year, our exposé on the neo-Nazi origin of Donald Trump’s now-infamous bogus graphic on “black crime” was far and away our most popular post of the year: We Found Where Donald Trump’s “Black Crimes” Graphic Came From. …

Resigning staffers blame Ben Carson's business manager, Armstrong Williams, for problems in the campaign

Ben Carson Campaign in Chaos as Top Advisers Quit, Blaming Armstrong Williams

1/02/16 5:23:22 am
re: #83 Lidane The response should be "and then breast-feeding women should be able to shoot and kill you for assaulting them and their baby." Funny how that 2nd Amenment concealed/open carry thing seems to work only 1 way in ...