UK Parliament Will Debate Whether Trump Should Be Banned From Entering Britain

1/07/16 12:14:04 pm
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With more than a half million signatures, a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom will now be debated in the House of Commons on January 18th: Block Donald J Trump from UK entry - Petitions. (h/t: @scarycath.)

And Now, the Chuck C. Johnson Fire Sale! Anybody Want to Buy Chuck’s “Fake Rape” Domain Names?

And he’s stalking Twitter headquarters again
1/07/16 5:01:33 am
Narcissism has become the defining characteristic of the right wing. Malignant narcissism like this ginger turdball displays appeals to the 2% of the American population that identifies as white, male, early 20's, infantile Libertarian leaning, small penis complex.....but turns off ...