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GOP Debate Thread 3: Total Espistemic Closure Achieved

619The Major
1/15/16 12:12:25 pm
re: #611 Nojay UK And Steven Tyler does a solo vocal for the movie.

Here’s another thread to live-blog this debacle, in which right wing Republican candidates are fed softball right wing talking points by right wing cable network Fox News, and they respond with right wing talking points to please their right wing audience. Epistemic closure, anyone?

The fraudulent CA driver's licenses used by David Daleiden and Susan Merritt

The Other Shoe Drops: Planned Parenthood Files Federal RICO Suit Against the Center for Medical Progress

Fighting back against the lying extremists
1/15/16 12:19:19 pm
As I read the complaint, the plaintiffs are seeking damages under the federal RICO law. Is there no state RICO law?

The Milo Yiannopoulos Checkmark Tantrum Continues: Now He’s Retweeting Threats of Violence

@Nero gets even more disgusting
242unproven innocence
1/14/16 5:10:14 pm
re: #178 WhatEVs re: #203 WhatEVs The concerns of many about allegiance --that is right in some ways, and so dreadfully, catastrophically wrong in many other ways. Because he was Catholic, JFK had a tough campaign. Many thought he might ...
Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes