John Lewis: ‘I Never Saw’ Sanders at Civil Rights Events

That’s gonna leave a mark
2/15/16 8:03:20 am
Charles, I still like LGF (fwiw) even if Hilary Clinton brings out the irritable cynic in me. Re: the LGF notice "lose the ad-blocker or help us out": Taboola is a criminal piss-take that ought to be shunned, it's model ...

Audio: At Wildlife Refuge, Lone Holdout David Fry Getting Increasingly Unhinged

331klys (maker of Silmarils)
2/11/16 3:41:46 pm
re: #330 Ubiq The conversation tends to move from thread to thread, with the active one being the current top article. We often refer to that as upstairs, and the threads down below as downstairs. :)