“Response to the Pope” - a Poem by ​Donald Trump

The Ferlinghetti of fascism
468The Madness of King Orange (aka Sophist)
2/18/16 8:04:35 pm
re: #457 Major Tom Yeah, describing Obama as a politician "from Hawaii" is really disingenuous. Unless you are referring to his political career prior to highschool.
Infamous troll Chuck C. Johnson poses with Center for Medical Progress head David Daleiden, October 25, 2015

Did Infamous Troll Chuck C. Johnson Really “Beat Planned Parenthood?” (Nope.)

More lies from the Rage Furby
2/18/16 4:56:15 pm
re: #247 blueraven The latest Quinipiac(sp?) poll has Clinton only up by 2 nationally so it isn't a huge outlier. Others still have Clinton up by more but it has certainly tightened over the past 2 weeks.