Overnight Live Jam: Glen Hansard, “When Your Mind’s Made Up”

There’s no point even tryin’
3/07/16 11:25:51 am
re: #347 The Vicious Babushka In earthquake prone LA? Double NOPE!

An amazingly intense performance by Glen Hansard on NPR’s All Songs Considered ends with him practically ripping the strings off his guitar. Wow.

Infamous Right Wing Troll Chuck C. Johnson Attends White Supremacist Event in DC

Racists show their support for Donald Trump
3/08/16 12:12:52 pm
Can someone here with a bit more experience please shed some light on this news site called "World Daily Online"...? Is this another one of the Ginger Avenger's properties? It seems to be just someone's cowardly news aggregator (there seems to ...