Video: Former Breitbart Spokesman Says Outright: They’re Lying

Rare honesty
426Eventual Carrion
3/12/16 10:54:17 am
re: #244 Decatur Deb Or Vienna AFB, they fly C-130's out of there. They do their runs right over my head most days. I work under their training flight path. They fly low and you can hear them coming.

Kurt Bardella resigned today as official spokesman for Breitbart “News,” in protest over the way Breitbart’s editors were undercutting their own reporter Michelle Fields by suggesting her story of being assaulted by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was not true. Tonight Bardella told CNN’s Don Lemon that the right …

Trump Cancels Chicago Rally, Whines Incessantly About It All Over Cable News

3/12/16 9:53:43 am
Shouldn't all the venues hosting Trump rallies cancel them at this point? He can't guarantee that there won't be violence. His rallies are a security risk. I don't want to see anti-Trump supporters keep getting injured and having Trump supporters ...

New Video From C-SPAN Shows Trump Campaign Manager Reaching for Breitbart Reporter’s Arm

Michelle Fields files criminal complaint against Corey Lewandowski
3/11/16 4:08:09 pm
re: #120 Mike Lamb They're laughable as to the substance of the report, but nowhere have they come near to sliming her.

Video: Donald Trump Openly Calls for More Violence Against Protesters at His Rallies

Explicitly inciting his followers to attack protesters
195Big Beautiful Door
3/11/16 12:15:20 pm
re: #166 No Depression Hillary may not be perfected, but she is smart, she works hard, she is extremely well prepared, and she is on the right side of the issues. No other candidate in the race is remotely as ...