Breitbart “News” Comes Apart at the Seams: Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro Resign

3/14/16 5:18:29 pm
re: #353 Jenner7 The ceasefire is starting to work, Thanks Obama

Tonight the hate site that Andrew Breitbart built is falling apart like a cheap suit: Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro Resign From Breitbart.

On Facebook, Chuck C. Johnson Poses With Guns, Threatens to Shoot Trump Protesters

An open threat to murder people who protest against Donald Trump
273Blind Frog Belly White
3/13/16 7:18:02 pm
re: #240 klys (maker of Silmarils) What would happen would be that for folks like me who have specialized expertise that companies need and would find hard to replace, compensation would rise. For folks with less leverage, it would probably ...