Must Read: The Breitbart Betrayals

Breitbart “News” is a nightmare
407Feline Fearless Leader
3/21/16 3:02:01 pm
re: #205 Dr. Matt That scheme will get you a revolution a lot faster than Bernie Sanders.

Chris Lehmann really captures the essential creepiness of Breitbart “News” in this piece for The Baffler: The Breitbart Betrayals. For years I’ve been pointing out that the Breitbart “News” business model depends on encouraging the worst elements of the right wing base to get increasingly crazy, giving them license …

Another Trump Supporter Charged With Assaulting Protester in Tucson

A pattern is emerging
3/22/16 2:23:54 pm
re: #9 allegro Only interesting thing about it is to get to the roots of this man's anger. I suppose he would be angry to be accused of belonging to a Klan-like movement. What's he doing there? That's the question. ...