Tuesday Night Jam: Nigel Hall & NOLA International, “Brother, I’m Hungry”

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492A Mom Anon
3/23/16 12:41:32 pm
re: #433 Dr. Matt Yeah, lets see him introduce or back some legislation that helps the poor with food, education, housing and so on. THEN I'll believe he's not full of shit. Til then, not so much. I still love ...

John Oliver’s Piece on Trump’s Border Wall Is Awesome

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3/23/16 2:13:33 am
re: #216 FormerDirtDart It still must feel good to the ego to get hundreds of votes for YOU. I am sure Christie is saying to himself, "I could totally fill a bar in Phoenix with supporters if I wanted to." ...

Video: Terrorism Expert Says Trump’s Reckless Rhetoric Harms Counter-Terrorism Efforts

ISIS is “probably cutting videos of this right now”
315Barefoot Grin
3/22/16 6:39:43 pm
re: #262 GlutenFreeJesus I really don't understand it. I really don't. It hit me as hard as 9/11 (the Virginia Tech shooting, too). But I try to forget the way I imagined these children dying in the days and weeks ...