Possibly the Most Disgusting, Depraved Donald Trump Tweet Yet

How low can he go?
404Jebediah, RBG
3/24/16 12:10:56 pm
re: #334 Backwoods_Sleuth Pretty big point in her favor, in my book. Rigidity and a big, fragile ego are not positive traits for a President.

Presented without comment. UPDATE at 3/23/16 9:27:52 pm by Charles Johnson The first four replies to Trump’s ugly misogynistic tweet are all from white supremacists.

Video: President and Michelle Obama Dance the Tango in Argentina

Happy feet
3/24/16 4:20:25 am
The party that spent 8 years justifying every Bush mistake is so desperate to jump on every action of Obama as justification of their belief that Bush wasn't that bad, and as payback for what they felt was unfair treatment ...

Video: Sen. Al Franken Calls GOP Obstructionism “Absurd” and Provides Examples

Go Al
188Jebediah, RBG
3/24/16 7:16:13 am
re: #149 majii Well, if you're a carnival barker, you can't stand there shouting "Come see the lamest show on Earth! Be amazed at how quickly you'll regret it! Gnash your teeth thinking of what else you could have done ...