Chuck C. Johnson CENSORED on Facebook! Oh the Humanity!

Why’s everybody always pickin’ on Chuck?
3/25/16 11:25:31 am
He simply refuses to learn . . .

Our cyberstalker pal Chuck C. “Rage Furby” Johnson (seen above in an amazingly gross photo) now finds himself suspended from Facebook, and he’s whining furiously about it: CENSORED on $FB! Banned From Facebook For 30 Days For Posting Donald Trump’s #Brussels Foreign Policy. Aw, the poor guy. Censored again. …

Ted Cruz Calls Trump a ‘Sniveling Coward’ for Attacking His Wife

As Cruz calls for unconstitutional surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods
169Schroedinger's Dog
3/24/16 4:26:40 pm
I want to see if we can make a phrase trend on the internet. So anytime you use Trump's name make sure you add "who has no business being president", immediately thereafter. With any luck it will show up on ...
Joseph Sohm /

In Which Donald Trump Retweets Yet Another Antisemitic White Supremacist

Absolutely not a coincidence
3/29/16 2:40:57 pm
I finally figured him out. He's an "artificial intelligence" chatbot lost from the Microsoft lab that created Tay. He has a "repeat after me" feature, and right-wingers are just implanting foul racism and so on inside his tiny psyche. Unplug ...