Donald Trump Blames the GOP for Losing Delegates

Setting things up for a riot
4/13/16 10:58:37 am
re: #301 Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light) As if? No, they are. Keep 'em stupid about everything and you can get them to believe anything. I remember back around 8th grade in Catholic school, age 13. The big ...

Donald Trump may have screwed up, big time. By focusing on a populist xenophobic message that ignored the way Republican politics actually work, he may have doomed his campaign. And now he’s predictably trying to incite the deluded right wing masses against the Republican Party itself: Donald Trump, Losing …

Anti-choice terrorist Robert Lewis Dear (El Paso County Sheriff's Office)

CO Planned Parenthood Shooter Admired Anti-Choice Murderer Paul Hill

And he was directly inspired by David Daleiden’s fraudulent videos
4/12/16 8:54:54 pm
Hooray for Jason! It could very well be how the sender has scanned the image. Every time the scan resolution doubles, the file size quadruples.