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Tech Note: New Autosave Feature in LGF Pages

Never lose your work
636Blind Frog Belly White
4/21/16 12:39:25 pm
re: #603 Kragar I sure hope he meant to say Purple RAIN and just did the same thing Jimmy Carter did when he gave a tribute to Hubert Horatio Hornblower.

Today we have a nifty new feature for authors of LGF Pages: announcing … fanfare please … autosave! It’s now almost impossible to accidentally lose a post, even if your power goes out or your computer crashes, because every post you start writing is now automatically saved to our …

Treasury Announces Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill, Breitbart Commenters Erupt in Racism

The right wing base is sick
4/20/16 9:53:33 pm
re: #93 Pawn of the Oppressor The Brits have us beat all to hell in that "arts and sciences" category. Their currency portraits include Austen, Darwin, Dickens, Newton, Shakespeare...
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Donald Trump Retweets One of His Favorite White Supremacists AGAIN

No accident
177Unshaken Defiance
4/20/16 3:53:55 pm
re: #104 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge Reminds me of the guy that got arrested for shooting his PC. Win95 days. Long story short Judge said he would have let the guy off with a fine but he just ...

The Bob & Chez Show: Seven Eleven

The hot sauce maneuver
4/20/16 12:13:37 pm
re: #99 Blind Frog Belly White All those purity pony Independents and Greens and Working Families and whatever the hell else who can't stoop to join the Democratic Party because it's not as liberal as they'd like... has nobody explained ...