Video: Donald Trump on Hillary: “If She Were a Man She Wouldn’t Get 5% of the Vote”

Horrible human says horrible things again
432Stanley Sea
4/27/16 11:05:34 am
re: #429 Belafon Yeah, sorry I just posted quickly.

Just the latest awfulness from the most awful human being ever to run for President of the United States: Check out the look on Mary Pat Christie’s face as he makes these ugly remarks. And check out how stubby his index finger is.

Was There a Clinton-Orchestrated Conspiracy to Shut Down Sanders Facebook Groups? Nope.

A defining characteristic of a cult is readiness to buy into irrational conspiracy theories
4/26/16 9:42:18 pm
re: #187 bratwurst But if we just vote for Bernie everything will get magically fixed! Like it did with Obama in 2008!