Rage Furby Chuck C. Johnson Gets Suspended From Facebook for the Second Time This Year

Why does everyone keep picking on the Rage Furby?
480retired cynic
5/13/16 2:03:08 pm
re: #263 Alyosha She's looking at a bird! (I speak cat.)

Yes, folks, our cyberstalker pal Chuck C. “Rage Furby” Johnson has gotten himself suspended from Facebook again, for the second time this year, and all he did was post some “jokes!” WOW: GotNews.com’s Charles C. Johnson Suspended From Facebook Over Trump and Ryan Joke, Praising George Zimmerman Of course, …

Source: Facebook

Trump’s Longtime Butler Is a Racist Birther Who Wants Obama to Be Killed

Strange how these people just keep turning up next to Trump
236Bubblehead II
5/12/16 6:16:42 pm
Night Lizard. Staycation is over and 0300 is about 8 hrs from now. As always, may the Deity of your choice smile down upon you and yours. You can not know the future, only guess. And you'll generally be wrong. ...