Video: Donald Trump Accuses US Soldiers of Looting Iraq, And It Isn’t the First Time

6/15/16 5:25:06 pm
re: #770 Decatur Deb But did you hear about that one family buying lobster with their food stamps? /s

Just unreal. What can anyone say at this point? And this is the same guy who constantly asserts that the US should have taken Iraq’s oil. UPDATE at 6/14/16 7:11:34 pm by Charles Johnson This isn’t the first time Trump has accused US soldiers of stealing the money intended …

Pat Robertson: Gays and Islamists Are Allies, “Let Them Kill Themselves”

Phony expressions of sympathy are not for Pat Robertson
6/14/16 7:16:52 pm
re: #156 Charles Johnson Not mine - PA Senator Pat Toomey is on board the Trump train. And as he's up for re-election this fall, I hope it takes him over the cliff with it.

Video: President Obama Destroys the Absurd Conservative Talking Point About “Radical Islam”

Beautifully done
6/14/16 2:19:01 pm
re: #120 blueraven And millions of actual voters said we're ok with the Democratic party. Doesn't mean we wouldn't like to see changes but fundamental transformation...into what? Where rhetoric is all that is done, because that's all Bernie offers.