Neo-Nazis Arrested in New York With Weapons and Bomb Materials Are Trump Fans

“Make America White Again”
6/20/16 11:47:36 am
re: #392 Dark_Falcon That's all you've got? Further proof that you've become a total chickenshit. You drop putrid little bombs, then follow up with nothing of substance. It's quite clear that you're obsessed with firearms. You should ask yourself why. ...

The Daily Beast has more information on Edward Perkowski, arrested Thursday in New York’s Long Island suburb with a cache of weapons, bomb-making materials and instruction manuals, and Nazi paraphernalia; it turns out that Perkowski, his brother, and their father were also fans of, you guessed it, Donald Trump. …

Sheer Beauty: Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis HQ

6/19/16 5:38:48 pm
The Tallis Fantasia is, literally, one of the reasons I'm a classical musician and a composer (even though my style is light years apart from RVW's). For an exercise in cognitive dissonance, listen to the Tallis Fantasia (or The Lark ...