Amazing New Music From Jacob Collier: “Hajanga”

7/03/16 1:05:07 pm
re: #377 Feline Fearless Leader lol... nice

Jacob Collier’s debut album is out now, and it’s absolutely stunning. In some ways, it reminds me of the first time I heard Weather Report — that combination of technical sophistication and almost child-like creative joy. It’s definitely in the running for the best album of the year — …

Trump Now Openly Pandering to Antisemites, Tweets Star of David in Attack on Clinton

Attack on Hillary Clinton uses overtly antisemitic imagery
7/03/16 9:09:05 am
re: #254 Shimshon I am amazed at how some LGFers are so plugged in and in tune with the various linkages in the rightwingosphere. It saves me a lot of wasted time and mental anguish! Thanks!