They’ll Be Dancing the Benghazi Boogaloo at Opening Night of the RNC

Beyond parody
575Eventual Carrion
7/14/16 1:49:35 pm
re: #447 Shiplord Kirel Their Donald ducks?

It’s going to be the most bizarre Republican convention ever — and yet, in a way the most predictable: Speakers at Donald Trump’s Convention: An Astronaut, a Quarterback, but No Sarah Palin. Featuring an entire night devoted to the Republican Party’s endlessly absurd obsession with… BENGHAZI!

Credit: Aaron Liu

Gateway Pundit Blogger Who Pulled Gun on Protesters Is Banned From Portland College Campuses

246Decatur Deb
7/14/16 2:33:20 am
re: #226 Shiplord Kirel My fair state is usually in a tie with Mississippi for atavistic BS. Even we don't have open carry, and carrying any piece at a demonstration is specifically forbidden. Probably made Bull Connor sleep a little ...
Joseph Sohm /

Donald Trump Jr. Followed Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh After His Threat Against Obama and BLM

Extremism runs in the family
104Charles Johnson
7/14/16 11:05:06 am
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