On the Second Night of the GOP Convention, Donald Trump Jr. Gets His Plagiarism on Too

Like stepmother, like stepson
489Jebediah, RBG
7/20/16 1:15:06 pm
re: #475 dangerman Sounds really dangerous, and given your nick, I am going to trust your expertise and stay away from that stuff!

The Daily Show tweeted this a little while ago; yes, after Melania Trump’s disastrous plagiarism incident last night, tonight Donald Trump Jr. also lifted whole passages from an article from the American Conservative for his speech, without attribution. I am now officially speechless. But let’s not forget that Trump …

Breitbart’s Alt-Right White Supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos Perma-Banned by Twitter

7/20/16 1:42:54 pm
re: #145 Sols77 Are those things supposed to exculpate Milo in some way? If you want to be taken seriously don't link to the Breitbart cesspool as a source.

Live Video of a Dying Party: Chris Christie’s Turn to Attack Hillary Clinton

The takeaway from tonight: they really fear Hillary Clinton
7/19/16 9:37:29 pm
re: #29 Nyet Hi, I am reposting a response because I am not tech-savvy enough to know how noticeable messages are in dead threads even when they are directed, private messages.

The 3 Most Amazing And/Or Ridiculous Republican Attempts to Deny Melania Trump’s Plagiarism

Blatant plagiarism followed by shameless lying
7/19/16 5:06:24 pm
re: #111 bratwurst I suspect those clauses were drafted with the idea that Ailes would be leaving for another, possibly new, network, not being tossed out on his keister for being scum. I can't imagine where on TV they would ...

Trump Campaign Denies Melania Plagiarized Michelle Obama, Blames Hillary Clinton

The party of personal responsibility
7/19/16 3:33:22 pm
re: #302 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge I've been waiting for one of the lizards to post Tom Lehrer and Lobachevsky: "Plagiarize! Let no one's else's work evade your eyes! Remember why the good Lord made your eyes, so ...