In Which Infamous Troll Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Michelle Fields in Cleveland

438Charles Johnson
7/21/16 2:14:02 pm
Of course Chuck would hook up with Farage. White supremacists of a feather. @GideonResnick — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) July 21, 2016

Discredited white supremacist troll Chuck C. Johnson has been hanging around the outskirts of the Republican Convention in Cleveland, sans press credentials, looking for an opportunity to make himself the center of the story as he always does. And today, since no opportunity was forthcoming, he apparently decided to …

Live Video of a Dying Party: Republican Convention, Day 3, “America First”

A slogan with an ugly antisemitic history
593Feline Fearless Leader
7/20/16 7:51:01 pm
re: #492 William of Orange Or Cruz is expecting Trump to tank in the general election and thus can say that he never endorsed him as the true GOP nominee. Keeping his options open for 2020 when the GOP faithful ...