Neo-Nazi Crony of Chuck C. Johnson Distributes Fliers Calling for the Death of Children

Empowered by the Trump candidacy, white supremacist hate freaks are getting bolder than ever
8/04/16 1:26:11 pm
re: #608 makeitstop No problem putting up misleading images...but Hillary is crooked and conniving.

How do you even start to describe the depravity of someone who would do something like this? Neo-Nazi Hacker Distributes Racist Fliers Calling for the Death of Children. Auernheimer is well-known as a white supremacist who once actually paid for Twitter advertisements promoting his noxious ideology, and was subsequently …

Did Donald Trump Disclose Classified Information Today in Florida?

“I’ll never forget the scene this morning”
8/03/16 8:58:24 pm
re: #127 JasonA Who in their right mind sets up recurring donations to a politician? Any politician? That's like wearing a sign around your neck that reads "Useful idiot" - and I don't care if it's Bernie or Hillary or ...