Notorious Ex-Congressman Sexual Harasser Mark Foley Seated Behind Trump in Florida

381Decatur Deb
8/11/16 11:11:43 am
re: #378 BeachDem Alabama is Trump's firewall.

Seated in a prominent spot behind Donald Trump at his rally in Florida tonight: ex-Congressman Mark Foley, who was forced to resign in disgrace after it emerged that he had been sexually harassing male teenage Congressional pages. This comes right after Trump bashed Hillary Clinton for the appearance of …

Watch Live: Trump Rants Again in Abingdon, VA, As Secret Service Confirms “Conversation”

As the Secret Service confirms they looked into Trump’s “Second Amendment” comment
227Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos
8/10/16 4:04:06 pm
re: #66 Kragar I have two direct email addresses and monitor another three shared distribution lists. Between them (not counting automated notifications from various Oracle databases for scheduled jobs), I get over 500 messages a day. If something breaks, we ...