Former Breitbart Spox: Meetings With Stephen Bannon Sounded Like White Supremacists Talking

319Jebediah, RBG
8/19/16 1:34:22 pm
re: #290 William Lewis Pokemerlot?

The former spokesman for Breitbart “News,” Kurt Bardella, is speaking out about the ugly ideology of Donald Trump’s new campaign chief, Stephen Bannon: Former Breitbart Staffer to Powerhouse Politics: Bannon Ran Meetings That Sounded Like White Supremacists Talking.

State Department spokesman John Kirby

Another Right Wing Fake Outrage: No, State Dept. Did NOT Confirm $400M “Ransom” to Iran

More garbage-think for the irrational right wing base
8/19/16 2:36:03 pm
Someone tell Chris Mathews. He described it as ransom in his fawning of the execrable Kellyanne Conway, who has yet to demonstrate even a modicum of competence as a Republican "heavyweight."

Watch Live: Trump Rants From a Teleprompter in Charlotte, NC

8/18/16 6:51:01 pm
re: #100 Backwoods_Sleuth "Trumpsters threaten jewelers who donated Ivanka money to Clinton" This is an empty threat since the majority of them probably can't afford to buy the jewelry the company sales, but they have to rant and throw some ...