Trump Fans Hold “Latino Outreach” Event in Los Angeles: “Operation Taco Bowl”

Freaking unreal
592Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
8/29/16 1:11:44 pm
re: #538 Varek Raith I gave up on the Daily Show because they had it too easy. No need to make jokes, just quote someone verbatim and then cut to John Stewart's reaction.

This is not a joke. Presented without comment, except to note that they couldn’t even spell “Aneheim” correctly more than once in their big announcement. Oh, and also? Rape advocate Mike Cernovich is involved in some creepy way.

Sunday Jam: Joe Bonamassa Live at the Vienna Opera House: “Dislocated Boy”

Acoustically perfect
58The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
8/28/16 7:09:06 pm
re: #53 Joe Bacon They'll also have their alder-smoked salmon at events like Bumbershoot and the Street Food Festival and various street fairs like the U-District and Fremont.