Snarky Puppy Feat. Malika Tirolien: “Sew”

383The Vicious Babushka
9/11/16 1:33:16 pm
re: #232 lawhawk 1996 movie Executive Decision, in which Steven Seagall boards the aircraft in midflight, beats up the terrorists while Hallie Berry distracts them & Kurt Russell lands the aircraft.

And now for some beautiful music in 7/4 time featuring Malika Tirolien, a very talented artist from Guadeloupe, performing live with the always excellent Snarky Puppy.

Trump Adviser Roger Stone Tweets Image of Nazi Mascot “Pepe the Frog”

Right in the middle of acting outraged about Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” statement
9/11/16 1:24:53 am
re: #259 makeitstop Chumley of Pawn Stars. I can not believe I knew that without looking it up...