Trump’s “Black Outreach” Effort Proceeds: He Wants a Nationwide Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Trump wants to bring back a failed unconstitutional program and make it national policy
9/22/16 10:12:43 am
re: #201 VegasGolfer I'm not even a country fan, but I rushed out to buy their latest record when they spoke out against Bush's butchery. Good on them!

Donald Trump has really been working on his “African American outreach” effort lately, because he dimly recognizes that having zero percent support is probably bad, and today we learned the next step in this outreach initiative to blacks and minorities: a nationwide stop-and-frisk policy. He thinks it worked out …

Video: Keith Olbermann on Trump’s Repeated Incitement of Violence Against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump’s sick infatuation with the assassination of Hillary Clinton must be repudiated
9/21/16 6:55:08 pm
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