Donald Trump’s Fascinating Friday Freakout

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10/09/16 5:36:46 pm
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Here’s another thread to discuss this fascinating Friday freakout, as we wait to see if the Trump campaign will actually release the apology video they’ve been promising, and that the GOP establishment is demanding. I’m very doubtful that he’ll be able to bring himself to issue a real apology, …

Former GOP Rep. Jim Leach (Photo by Tim Schoon)

Former GOP Congressmen Denounce Trump: “Manifestly Unqualified, Unacceptable Danger”

Thanks but it’s a bit too late
10/07/16 3:38:44 pm
re: #139 The Vicious Babushka Trump is getting blasted from all angles. I wonder if it took Newsweek and WaPo revelations to signal to people they could attack Trump without really getting sued and all that other crap he tries ...