Presidential Debate 2: The Wrap-Up

10/10/16 11:28:44 am
re: #627 makeitstop So Buffett last year gave away, mostly without even getting a deduction for it, more than what Forbes thinks is Trump's entire net worth?

I’m already seeing some media declaring Trump the “winner” of this debate, because after all the most important thing is to keep the horse race going until the end. But that’s laughable. Hillary Clinton mopped the floor with the talking yam tonight, once again, and was unflappable and on …

Donald Trump’s “Pre-Debate” Press Conference: Women Who Claim They Were Assaulted by Bill Clinton

10/09/16 6:04:34 pm
re: #73 The Vicious Babushka I knew that was going to happen. He was a complete ass acting like a junior high school boy trying to impress the bullshitter rich kid from up the street. Billy Bush league. Bigly!