Video: First Lady Michelle Obama Gives the Speech of a Lifetime

“It’s that feeling of terror and violation too many women have felt”
10/14/16 2:03:37 pm
re: #271 A Mom Anon MOM!!! How the heck are you?

After a double dose of Donald Trump’s debased, narcissistic far right ultra-nationalism, here’s something to cleanse our mental palettes: Michelle Obama’s fantastic, inspiring speech today in New Hampshire, about the stakes in this election. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Ms. Obama and her husband, but …

Watch Live: Trump Rants Again in Cincinnati About “International Bankers”

10/13/16 8:22:17 pm
re: #266 Romantic Heretic "Jesus. 'Conservatives' simply will not engage in anything resembling self-examination." There's a reason they will never do this, and as a Christian of over 50 years, I think it's because Christianity isn't their top priority. Their ...

Watch Live: Trump Rants About Conspiracies in West Palm Beach

10/14/16 4:54:31 pm
Never Throws Stones, When You Live In A Glass Penthouse Dear Trump supporters Please open your eyes to see That your Emperor is prancing around naked And must leave the stage In-case we grab and fondle his balls Now you've ...