A Fantastic, Moving Short Film by Pixar Animators: “Borrowed Time”

A story about forgiveness
10/15/16 2:49:34 pm
re: #171 Backwoods_Sleuth "he just can't help himself" He certainly didn't feel this way during the GOP Primary or at the beginning of the General Primary when he was receiving millions in free advertising/exposure. He loves positive media attention hates ...

Yet Another Violent Attack on a Protester at Trump’s North Carolina Rally

As Trump says “great!”
10/14/16 6:42:37 pm
re: #296 nickzi I'll have to catch clips or rely on the kindness of strangers, because a) I can't stomach it and b) my cable just borked so I have to reboot the cable box and I just don't have ...

Yet Another Woman Comes Forward to Say Donald Trump Sexually Assaulted Her

The GOP’s candidate for president is a serial predator who ran wild for many years
78Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
10/14/16 3:01:36 pm
re: #8 Dr Lizardo With Lewandowski in the role of John Bigbooties? (*big-boo-TAY! big-boo-TAY!*) "The overthruster campaign strategy is for shit!"