Monday Night Jam: Nick Johnston: “Fear Had Him by the Throat”

10/18/16 10:30:50 am
re: #391 Sherlock Hound Yep, he went to go live in a bunker somewhere and we were all, "Thanks for 2011, now go pound sand!"

Excellent playing, beautiful varied tones, and interesting compositions make Nick Johnston one of the best of the new up and coming guitarists.

Video: Melania Trump Blames Access Hollywood Host Billy Bush for Her Husband’s Gross Misogynistic Comments

“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”
10/18/16 7:34:57 pm
re: #196 Charles Johnson Wait wait wait wait wait wait ... I missed this (how did I miss this, I read you every day?) HE SAID THAT???? Just how stupid is this man? NO ONE would miss that echo would ...

New From Keith Olbermann: Maybe Donald Trump Is Really a Victim in All This

82Anymouse 🌹
10/17/16 4:08:08 pm
re: #81 Jay C Heh. Thanks, from a person who has only been here a few months. That is high praise. And Mrs. Anymouse may not be running as First Lady of Slovenia, but she could be Second Lady of ...