Sunday Night Jam: Joe Bonamassa, “Hummingbird” Live at the Greek Theatre

11/07/16 11:50:02 am
re: #618 FormerDirtDart Talk about running the gauntlet. Wanted to cheer for the little guy when he got away.

Here’s a classic Leon Russell song, done to perfection by Joe Bonamassa and his monster band. I know I’ve been posting a lot of these Greek Theatre videos lately, but they’re just so good. Great sound, great playing, great camera work. Warning: your face may melt at 4:25.

Two Days Before Election, FBI Announces They Found Nothing Incriminating in the Emails on Weiner’s Computer

FBI malfeasance
311Sister Inspired Revolver of Freedom
11/06/16 10:27:18 pm
Please, all of you, GOTV! I have never felt so much fear and panic watching any election as I have this one. Trump is truly an existential threat, both to the US and the world. He must be defeated, and, ...