Photo of the Day: Trump Meets With Japanese PM in Garish Living Room With Daughter Ivanka Sitting In

500Jebediah, RBG
11/18/16 1:11:30 pm
re: #351 makeitstop Nice!

As if the garish gold-covered opulence weren’t bad enough, do I really need to mention that it’s NOT NORMAL for a President-Elect to have his daughter sit in on meetings with foreign leaders?

Did Trump Win Because Russia Hacked the Election?

This isn’t proof, but some serious food for thought
11/17/16 2:54:15 pm
re: #56 Backwoods_Sleuth Funny thing about Tim Ryan, I don't know if Happy Warrior remembers but I had mentioned Ryan as a potential Ohio candidate for Senator maybe even a future Presidential run. He's younger than many other Ohio democrats ...